Criteria & Awards


Design with creativity, relevance to the theme as well as aesthetics. The executive team will invite design experts from home and abroad to form a jury panel for the selection process. The selection criteria will be creativity (50%), relevance to the theme (30%), and composition and aesthetics (20%).




Gold (2 entries): 100,000 NT$ and A certificate.
Silver (3 entries): 60,000 NT$ and A certificate.
Bronze (5 entries): 30,000 NT$ and A certificate.
Honorable mention (7 entries): 10,000 NT$ and A certificate.
Special jury prize: (5 entries): 10,000 NT$ and A certificate.
Shortlisting prize (several entries): A certificate.


*We will provide additional transportation expense coverage for the gold, silver and bronze winners to attend the award ceremony and presentation press conference in Taipei, or the opening ceremony of the exhibition in Kinmen, as a way to encourage the winners to participate in our major events. (For each winning entry, the expense coverage will be limited to one return flight ticket of economy class for only one individual. For each international winning entry, the maximum expense coverage will be 30,000 NT$; for each domestic winning entry, the maximum expense coverage will be 10,000 NT$. The distribution ratio of domestic and international winning entries will determine the actual expense coverage, and the taxation will abide by the Income Tax Act of the Republic of China and other relevant regulations.)