The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Guningtou. Kinmen (or Quemoy) was for a long time in a precarious situation of wars and conflicts, but today, it still stands steadfastly on the Taiwan Strait and has become the best witness of the pursuit of peace for mankind. Therefore, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County organizes “Quemoy International Poster Award for Peace,” aiming to establish the image of “Kinmen=Peace.”


Based on such a theme, designers from around the world are invited to use the modern poster-design language to convey the idea of peace. It is hoped that the past scars of history can be healed and that people of today learn to be grateful about the happiness of the moment. Let us all learn to put hatred aside, replace confrontation with tolerance, leave the shadow of war behind, and pursue permanent peace and stability. These are indeed the most important significance behind commemorating the Battle of Guningtou.