Jury of Preliminary Selection

Jamie Wu
President, Taiwan Graphic Design Association.


  • CEO, Blueprint Integrate Strategic Design Consultants.
  • CD, ArtDesign Design Academy.
  • Consultant, Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare.

Leo Lin
Professor of the Design Department at NTNU.


  • The Convenor and the Chief Expert in Graphic Design Technology Skill of National Skills Competition, Taiwan.
  • President of Taiwan Poster Design Association.
  • Honorary member of Brno Biennale Association.
  • Member of D&AD.
  • Focuses on contents, story-telling, visual experiment, poster and visual identity design. His works have been awarded by numerous world-known design organizations, Biennial and publishing houses, including D&AD, New York ADC, New York TDC, Tokyo TDC, Communication Arts, Graphis, Warsaw, Lahti, Mexico, Toyama, Moscow, Chaumont, Brno, Ukraine, Chicago, Trnava, Tehran, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Weng Kuo-Chin
Principal of the Onon Art Studio.


  • Professional in the graphic design field.Artistic advisor for the Taiwan Literature Development Foundation.
  • Art director for Wenhsun.
  • Director for the Red Pig Visual Graphic.
  • Executive editor and art director for Kinmen Literature.
  • With more than 6000 accumulated book designs.
  • 2017 Golden Tripod Awards in Publications.

Martin Yang
President, Taiwan Graphic Design Association (2010~2013)


  • Vice President, Chinese Industrial Designers Association
  • Director, Taiwan Design Alliance
  • Creative Director, HWAT’S Graphic Design Co., Ltd.
  • Creative Director, VOSHAS Jewelry Design Co., Ltd.
  • Associate Professor, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
  • Jury, iF design award “Concept Design Award”
  • Jury, Golden Pin Design Award (2015)
  • Professional Construction Management of 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival

JU-Chun Tsai
Art teacher of National Kinmen Senior High School


  • 2001-2006 Adjunct instructor in Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan
  • 2001 The Exhibition Sponsoring Award By National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan
  • 1998 M.F.A. The City College, The city University of New York, Painting major & Printmaking minor
  • 1997-1998 Painting Teaching Assistant in City College of New York, NY
  • 1998 Teresa McCabe Ralston Connor Award New York
  • 1997 Teresa McCabe Ralston Connor Award New York
  • 1994 B.F.A National Institute of Arts, Taiwan, Painting major & Printmaking minor